In just half a day, learn the ropes to using ChatGPT for faster, easier, more creative content on every platform — from training and prompting, to creating and editing.

With this course, and your new robot intern by your side, you can stop spending hours on content creation, and start posting consistent, creative content that converts.


Take it from me: if you knew what ChatGPT could do with your content, you wouldn’t stick your head in the sand another day.

Meet your full-time content assistant.

One that suggests strategies, brainstorms ideas, drafts content, researches projects, edits your work — and that’s just in the first 2 minutes. Literally.

Imagine if this was being taken care of while you work on, er, everything else. It would be like having two of you tackling the one to-do list.

  • You’d be putting out consistent content… finally.
  • You’d never run out of creative ideas that speak to your audience.
  • You’d be saving hours every week on your socials, edms and blogs.
  • …You’d have more customers, clients and cash in the bank.

Learn to use, train, prompt and create with ChatGPT before you even reach lunch.

ChatGPT Tutor

Four interactive video lessons, a workbook + a stack of swipe-me bonuses designed to teach you how to train ChatGPT, prompt like a pro, produce creative ideas and content, and edit outputs as if you’re a Bossy. copywriter.



Introduction to ChatGPT

The basics of ChatGPT, according to a bunch of creative copywriters who write content all day long: what it is, what to use it for (and what NOT to use it for), our fav plugins, things to watch out for, and other AI tools we love playing with.


Robot Training + Prompting

How to train ChatGPT in your business and brand voice, a lesson in prompt engineering and the 7 things to include in every prompt for the best possible results — plus Bossy. examples throughout.


ChatGPT for Copy, Content + Ideas

A deep-dive on how to use ChatGPT for content research, idea generation, Instagram, emails, blogs and other fun stuff (like creativity exercises!). For each category, we’ll jump between slides and ChatGPT as I show you what to do IRL.


Feedback + Editing

We’ll share our 3-step editing checklist and two simple methods (plus examples) for providing feedback and editing the output. The goal? To add creativity, inject your brand voice and remove all traces of robot.

Pop quiz!

Hands up if you’re:
  • Spending way too long on content?
  • Struggling to post consistently?
  • Stuck AF for creative ideas?
  • Sticking your head in the sand when it comes to AI?
  • All of the above ???


Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer or employee: I’m going to go out on a limb and say creating content is just ONE teeny tiny part of your job. Yet somehow, it eats up the most time and energy? 

If we’re not stressing about our content (or lack thereof), we’re scrambling for something to post or spending hours knee-deep in Canva.

You need to be producing consistent, creative content in order to build brand awareness, grow a community and make sales. FACTS. This bundle will help you start doing that by the end of the day.

Hi, we’re Bossy. and we make words our b*tch. 

Bossy. is a Melbourne-based creative copywriting studio, supergroup + school. We’ve been pushing words around—and telling people what to do with theirs—since 2016. You might know us for our cheeky copy, polarising social posts or course babies (Bossy. Copy College and Caption Coach). 

Like most copywriters, we were suspicious of ChatGPT when he arrived on the scene. That was until we got to know him — like, we really put him through the ringer. You know what we learned? That ChatGPT is never going to replace a creative, human copywriter (especially one from Bossy. 😮‍💨), but he is an incredible sidekick to bounce ideas, draft content, create strategy and edit work.

In other words, he’s our clever lil intern, helping us to produce faster, easier, more creative content every day.

So I guess… this kinda makes him our b*tch, too? 

Alyce + Souha 
Bossy. Creative Copywriters (and your ChatGPT Tutors)

Let’s be real about what this is. 

ChatGPT Tutor isn’t a Bachelor’s Degree in AI that will bore you to death with science and tech. It’s specially designed for AI / ChatGPT beginners that create their own content, or manage someone else’s—and want to make the whole process faster, easier and more creative. 

This is a laser-focused, highly-practical and very-fun masterclass series—in less than half a day, you’ll go from never opening ChatGPT to using it for every creative task on your list. 

Oh, and there’s homework. Nothing we can do about that.

ChatGPT Tutor 

Four interactive video lessons, a workbook + a stack of swipe-me bonuses designed to teach you how to train ChatGPT, prompt like a pro, produce creative ideas and content, and edit outputs as if you’re a Bossy. copywriter.


I know what it’s like to dream of outsourcing my socials, but not being able to afford it.

I get a lot of enquiries from baby business owners, who can’t justify a professional copywriter or agency—yet. In fact, they’re the reason I built my first course, Bossy. Copy College! 

Because of this, I make sure every Bossy. course is reasonably priced (and has a payment plan option—cost of living, amirite?). 

For context, Bossy.’s hourly rate is $250 (yep, ONE hour) and if we were going to take over your ongoing content, you’d be looking at a couple thousand every month.

If ‘content’ is the one task that always falls to the bottom of your list… this is your sign to try something new.

I mean, the current approach clearly isn’t working.
Enrol in ChatGPT Tutor, and while you’re at it, you might want to check out
Caption Coach too.