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Meet the perfect companion to ChatGPT Tutor, guiding you to confidently create Instagram content for your business, stand out from the sea of same-same and pocket an extra 7+ hours every week!

This Bossy. mini-course is the same length and format as ChatGPT Tutor, but focused on creative content that converts. 

Caption Coach includes: 3x hour-long video lessons across Content Themes, Creative Concepts and Caption Writing; lesson worksheets; and 6x big copy bonuses. 

*Lifetime, instant access!

ChatGPT Tutor 🤖

In just half a day, learn the ropes to using ChatGPT for faster, easier, more creative content on every platform — from training and prompting, to creating and editing. With this course, and your new robot intern by your side, you can stop spending hours on content creation, and start posting consistent, creative content that converts.


[IMPORTANT!] ChatGPT Tutor is pre-recorded and self-paced; you'll receive immediate access to all lessons upon checkout!



  • Lifetime access to ChatGPT Tutor: A highly-practical, interactive video course hosted by Bossy.'s Director + Head Writer, Alyce Greer.
  • 4-Part Workshop Series: Move through this workshop series at your own pace. Each of the lessons runs for 30-60 minutes, as we cover ChatGPT basics, training, prompting, creating content, feedback, editing and so much more.
  • Student Workbook: Take your studies up a notch by completing your homework for each lesson. Not your average homework, each exercise will test your knowledge and help you apply the learnings to create your own content.