Starting or scaling a creative business? Take a shortcut — or 10. Designed for those that have their creative skill down pat, but are held back by the business stuff, this kit of plug-and-play templates and tools will help you set up and stand out. From portfolio and pitching, to project and profit management, it includes everything we use daily in our multi six-figure creative business.




A stack of templates, tools and teachings snatched from our copywriter mentor program, Bossy. Business School, and updated to suit ANY creative or service-based business.

THE Templates

📱 Portfolio
📱 Pricing Pack
📱 Brand Bible
📱 Client Agreement

📱 Client Briefing Quiz
📱 Enquiry Email
📱 Cold Pitch Email
📱 Custom Pitch Deck


💥 Done-For-You Business Hub + Project Mgmt System [Notion]  
💥 Tricky Situation Email Library
💥 Onboarding + Offboarding Checklist
💥 Insta Caption Starters 


😎 Baby Business Finance Masterclass 
[Callum from New Wave Accounting]
😎 Getting Clients With Content Masterclass 
[Laura Higgins]
😎 Business Strategy Masterclass 
[Peta from Professional Babe] 
😎 SEO Strategy Masterclass
[Kaitlyn from The Social Haus]



Sidestep their digital bin with an attention-grabbing portfolio template that gets a callback.

Pricing Pack

Look legit and increase sales with a one-stop-shop for your packages and pricing.

Brand Bible 

Unlock your brand personality with Bossy.’s own brand voice deck template. 

Client Briefing Quiz 

Learn which questions to ask your client and nail every creative project.

Client Agreement

Formalise the 'handshake' with a replica of our creative service agreement, tweaked and perfected over seven years.

Cold Pitch Email

Steal our exact pitch email template that’s helped us land countless creative projects.

Custom Pitch Deck

Snoop the creative deck and surprise sample we send to DREAM clients — then create your own.

Enquiry Email

Boost your chances of a ‘yes’ with an irresistible enquiry that makes people fall in love with you. 


Done-for-you business hub + PROJECT MGMT SYSTEM [Notion]

A copy of Bossy.’s real project management system that we use to manage projects, plan content, track invoices and run our creative empire.

Tricky situation email library

From ghosting clients to bad feedback to unpaid invoices, follow our lead for every type of (inevitable) negative scenario with our carefully crafted email templates.

Onboarding + offboarding checklist

Our pre- and post-project checklists that make for a seamless process, a professional-looking business and zero issues.

Instagram Caption Starters

A handy cheat sheet to cut content creation in half. Simply choose your topic, review your thought starter and finish off your post, for max engagement and minimal effort.


Baby Business Finance Masterclass
[Callum, New Wave Accounting] 

Sit down with our accountant for a 90-min session, covering business basics, managing money, revenue goals, tax, super, budgeting and cashflow.

Business Strategy Masterclass [Peta, Professional Babe]

From the queen of "making your business bigger", Peta schools us on business strategies, offer design, number crunching, profiting from email and being a confident entrepreneur.

SEO Strategy Masterclass [Kaitlyn, The Social Haus]

Please the Google gods and get more leads! Kaitlyn shares some incredible, practical tips that you can apply to your own business for immediate results.

Getting Clients With Content Masterclass [Laura Higgins]

A creative business coach extraordinaire, we couldn’t think of anyone better to teach us about ‘getting clients’. A super practical session on attracting dream clients with your content.


I’m the Director + Head Writer of Bossy. Copywriting, Host of The Bossy. Type podcast and Headmaster at Bossy. Copy College and Bossy. Business School. When I’m not building fun brands, writing creative copy or growing my empire, I’m teaching ambitious business owners how it's done. Drink in hand, ofc.

In 2016, I barged my way into copywriting from a completely different industry. To say I was starting from scratch is the understatement of the century. Since then, Bossy. has grown into a multi 6-figure, booked-out copywriting studio, a chart-topping podcast, four courses, an epic community, a strong personal brand and a reputation for building bold brands and writing creative copy like no one else.

But it wasn't an accident. A chaotic creative who once believed I was "bad with numbers" and "sucked at business", I taught myself the systems and processes to start, run and grow a creative empire — my own way.

This kit of templates, tools and teachings is exactly what I needed in my first couple of years, to straighten out the 'business side' of Bossy. and look (and feel!) like a grown-up company.

⚡️ IS this for me? ⚡️

The Bossy. Business Starter Kit is for any creative that wants to start a side hustle or bonafide business. Being creatives, we often have our skill down pat — but it’s the business side of things that hold us back.

We’re usually winging EVERYTHING and wish we could peek on another successful creative business to answer our #1 question: Am I doing it right?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of the below:

  • Putting together a creative portfolio
  • Cold pitching a dream client 
  • Presenting your packages + pricing 
  • Compiling a client agreement
  • Asking your client briefing questions
  • Responding to new enquiries  
  • Managing projects + timelines
  • Planning viral content 
  • Navigating tricky client situations 
  • Money basics, cashflow and tax
  • Making revenue from your content 
  • Improving your SEO and leads

 …This plug-and-play kit is just what you need to feel more confident and set up your business.

All content has been taken from my business coaching program, Bossy. Business School, but customised to suit ANY creative or service-based business, so you can get the mentor experience even if you're not a copywriter.

It took me YEARS to learn this stuff, find my processes and scale my business. You too can chip away at it — or you can install these templates and tools for an instant overhaul. 

Fix your foundations, get clients and make money NOW, not three years down the line.



1 payment of $497.00 AUD



$248.5 X2

2 monthly payments of $248.50 AUD